Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Bhima's Kitchen - Enjoy with your Friends and Family

         Expect the best with our Bhima's Kitchen
Bhimas isn't just about food. It's about the generations of chefs who kept the cooking traditions alive and are behind the delicious dishes we serve in our establishment. Bhimas means "the chef" as an homage to all the chefs that kept the traditions alive. We strive to tantalize our customers with versatile pan-Indian menu in a modern quick serve setting. We take great pride in delivering most authentic Indian dishes prepared with best ingredients.

Indian cooking is heavily focused on rice preparations and lentil stews, as opposed to the breads and curries of the north. Although there is some crossover in spices, the use of coconut, black mustard seeds and curry leaves are unique to Indian Food. In Food from Bhima's Kitchen we can find the dishes we make at home from that region actually differ quite a lot from what you find in the restaurants.

"Making people happy through food"